Ep1 – So I’m Writing a Novel… begins!

Meet host Oliver Brackenbury as he introduces the podcast, himself, and the titular novel “Untitled Sword & Sorcery novel“. He also discusses the genre of sword & sorcery, then shares his experience working with an editor on the short story which become the first chapter of the novel.

It can be lonely writing a novel, and Oliver would love some company. Maybe, through the podcast, you’ll join him?

Want to see inside The Denim Notebook Oliver mentions, the one where he’s outlining the novel? Check out this public blog post over on the show’s Patreon!

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  1. Matt DeBarth says:

    It’s good to hear your voice again! I’m excited to follow along on your writing journey.

    I’ve been writing very short sci-fi short fiction recently, but the grounded tone and the stand-alone episodic stories making a longer epic are exactly my thing. Should be a fun bit of comparie-and-contrast!

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    1. Glad to have you on board man, I hope you enjoy it! If you feel inspired at some point, please do toss a question at me to answer in the show.


  2. As a writer the `Title of your story is your first chance at engaging the reader. And it’s also the last thing you need to dream up when writing your book. Better to wait and discover the title as your theme grows and your characters develop.

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    1. That’s my feeling right now, basically. Though maybe I’m tarting up a base “Let’s leave this tricky bit until last…” impulse!


  3. numenorian says:

    I can’t recommend this podcast enough!
    Oliver gives us a vulnerable, candid look into his novel-writing process and along the way teaches you about genre fiction (providing I might add some mighty good recommendations for a reading list).
    It’s like “This American Life” for novels – intimate and personal. I am thoroughly enjoying the pod and cant wait to listen to more and continue the journey with him.
    This is a must listen for writers, readers, and those interested in the creative process.

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