Ep4 – Compare and Contrast: The People of the Black Circle vs Conan the Buccaneer

Concerned about just creating a shallow expression of the genre, and wanting to better understand what he likes about sword & sorcery before going further in outlining “Untitled Sword & Sorcery Novel”, Oliver compares and contrasts Robert E. Howard’s The People of the Black Circle with Lin Carter & L. Sprague De Camp’s Conan the Buccaneer to see what he can learn from it. You, dear listener, may wish to read the former (available for free online), but absolutely don’t have to in order to enjoy this episode. 

Choose wisely…

In the listener question segment Oliver speaks more about anxieties that have made writing difficult, and how he overcomes them (most of the time). At the absolute end of the episode, Oliver also reads his favourite scene from People.

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