Ep5 – Outlining My Outline

Oliver discusses how, after the initial sugar rush of brainstorming for the novel, he stepped back to make several important decisions that would help keep him from getting lost while finishing the outline of the novel, as well as writing the dang novel itself! This involves choosing tense, perspective, primary POV, theme, all that good stuff, as well as discussion of having a healthy attitude toward writing advice, and your own ever-evolving approach to writing.

This great book comes up quite a bit in the episode.

In the listener question segment he discusses when to call on the services of a story editor, and how he’s found the ones he’s worked with.

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  1. Currently reading James Scott Bell’s Plot and Structure. Very good.


    1. Neat! I continue to love “Steering the Craft” by Urusula K Le Guin, and have been getting some very interesting ideas lately from a book called “Craft in the Real World: Rethinking Fiction Writing and Workshopping” by Matthew Salesses.


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