Ep 10 – The Red Man And Others w/ Angeline B. Adams & Remco van Straten

In the show’s first interview, Oliver speaks with two authors whose work – The Red Man and Others – not only entertained him, it provided him with a great deal of hope for his own novel-in-progress and the future of sword & sorcery in general. Aside from Red Man, they discuss being a couple who also write together, what they like & dislike in author’s public presences, the very concept of writing advice, and more.

Buy The Red Man and Others on Amazon in paperback & eBook formats. Doesn’t matter what country you’re in, you can get it from Amazon.ca, .uk, etc

You can also check out their blog, Turnip Lanterns, as well as find both Remco and Angeline on Twitter. Their linktree is also a good hub for all links related to them and their work.

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