Ep 17 – Disgrace the Stone

With this, the fifth short story, we’ve reached the end of the first act! In Disgrace the Stone, the outlining of which Oliver will share with you, Voe is finally a “hero” as she’s struggled to be but the events of this story will change her mind about that being what she wants.

The brainstorming for this story involved an unexpected intersection between the webcomic Achewood, Leonard Cohen, and the pandemic (though this isn’t a plague story, have no fear). This sent Oliver off on a journey that involved putting the this tale down for an entire year before coming back to finish it, providing unexpected benefits as well as a lesson in why it’s important to always make very clear notes so that future-you can easily pick up where they left off…no matter how long it’s been.

Achewood is a great webcomic by Chris Onstad, though this strip is a terrible introduction to it.

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