Ep18 – Interview with Christine Brackenbury

We’re kicking off a block of interviews with a chat with Oliver’s mum, about her relationship to creativity as both parent and “pre-parent”, the book she wrote, the book Oliver’s dad says he’ll finish, what it’s like for both Oliver and Christine to look back on his decision to try making writing what he does for a living, and more. Oh, and of course they cover the time she struck back at workplace sexism with a picture of a big ol’ penis.

If you’d like to see the jewelry Oliver’s parents make together, you can check it out at www.brackenbury.ca

What, you thought I’d pick a photo where we both looked sensible?

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  1. Christine Brackenbury says:

    It was fun listening to this with your father this morning. Who knew I sounded that English ?
    Love, Mum oxxxo

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  2. Angela Brackenbury says:

    Mike and I enjoyed listening to you both today.
    Seems like yesterday we were all youngsters together with your mum and dad Oliver. Pleased Chris hasn’t lost her mischievous sense of humour either.
    Glad you have those stories now and yes Eric needs to finish that book too.
    Angela xx

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  3. Diana Mackey says:

    📚 Chris, It was brilliant listening to you and Oliver. I cried! To hear your voice after decades was very special. Oliver sounds great too. So many memories came flooding back! Taking a class of 6 year olds from Oxford Rd Infant School, in Reading, on a trip to London Zoo. Visiting your parents’ house in Erith. You going to London with me to buy my Biba wedding dress. Long email to follow. Love to you all, from Diana and John xxx

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  4. aq1946 says:

    Dear Oliver and Christine, Really enjoyed your podcast, what rich and fruitful lives, you talented pair. Looking forward to hearing more episodes.

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