Ep19 – Interview with J.M. Frey

Oliver has a long, highly informative chat with author, actor, and voice actor J.M. Frey about her experiences as a writer, including what happens when your book grows to around the 200K word mark, self-publishing, the challenges of author exhaustion (incl. frank discussion of how the economics of publishing deals have evolved), when she received her first piece of fan art based on her work, and more! Jess is terribly knowledgeable, and we strongly recommend you check out her site not only for all the great advice it contains, but also to study how Jess presents herself online.

Jess’s Author Page

Jess on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / Tumblr / Wattpad / Radish

Also mentioned in this episode: Print Run Podcast, and Writer Beware.

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  1. What discipline, to not read any but your 5 star reviews! Even if i had thousands of reviews, i would read each and every one…


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