Ep20 – Interview with Milton Davis about Sword & Soul

In this interview we’re speaking with author and publisher, Milton Davis. Oliver and Milton have plenty of laughs talking about what it’s like being both a writer and a publisher, knowing Charles Saunders and what’s going on with the Imaro TV adaptation, when the history nerds come for you, origin stories, designing and playtesting an RPG, and so much more!

www.miltonjdavis.com (Facebook and Twitter)
A Sword and Soul Primer, blog post by Milton.
MVmedia, Milton’s publishing company.
Sword and Soul Adventures FB Group, run by Milton.
Nyumbani Tales (Short stories by Charles Saunders).
Milton’s Sword & Soul Worldbuilding video.
A Look at Milton Davis’ Changa’s Safari
Ki Khanga Sword and Soul Role Playing Game: Basic Rules
Ki Khanga FB Group
Griots: Sisters of the Spear

The latest work by Milton Davis – buy it here!
Part one can be found here, though the best deal is the combo pack.

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