Ep23 – Interview with Julian Bernick of Spellburn

Julian Bernick has written across a wide variety of mediums, so Oliver discusses with him getting burnt out on novels, the Appendix N Reading List, writing for role-playing games, Jack Vance’s Dying Earth series, writing lyrics as the lead singer of several bands, and more – but the focus of this interview is poetry, gothic horror, and how Julian combined the two in his most excellent book Castle Bash: A Record of the Most Unfortunate Doings at Castle Bash – As Told by an Unnamed Poet who was Never Seen Again!

A narrative poem in the Romantic tradition, Castle Bash is Byronic in character, Gothic in atmosphere, Romantic in outlook and Lovecraftian in scope. When a bastard poet is given safe haven and patronage at the tenebrous Castle Bash, mystery, passion, and the forces of hell converge upon its benighted inhabitants.

Spellburn Podcast / iTunes / Twitter
Whistling Shade Magazine, where Julian serves as an editor of poetry.
Julian’s RPGeek page
Some of Julian’s earliest storytelling can be found in this Dungeons of Yesteryear feature.
If you’d like to hear Julian talk more about his game design career…
Here’s three contemporary poets Julian recommends:
Chelsea Minnis
Freddie Seidel
Michael Robbins

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  1. For me, when I was little, it was Elvis…. . . . .

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