Ep24 – Interview with Michael Curtis

Since Oliver greatly enjoys the role-playing games & adventures written by Fritz Leiber scholar Michael Curtis, while Leiber’s Fafhrd & Grey Mouser stories have been a great source of inspiration for Oliver’s novel-in-progress, you better believe he was excited to talk with Michael about: Why people should read the Fafhrd & Grey Mouser stories, how these characters so defined by their friendship were born of a real life bromance, what defines Leiber’s writing style, what makes F&GM’s home – Lankhmar – the ultimate fantasy adventure city, how Michael made writing RPGs his career, what it was like poring over Leiber’s original papers at an archive in Houston, and more!

Michael Curtis on Patreon
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG products by Michael Curtis, who has recently become their Director of Product Development.
Michael also writes articles for Goodman Games, such as this one on Lord Dunsany
The Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope – Michael’s game design blog may be dormant but it still contains many fascinating things to pore over.
Michael Curtis Visits Leiber’s Legendary Lankhmar Library in Houston
Lankhmar 101 – A video panel discussion about DCC: Lankhmar, led by Michael Curtis.

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