Ep25 – Act Two, Part One

A lil’ recap of the podcast & novel is followed by Oliver sharing how he figured out the most top-tier planning of his novel’s middle, particularly its first half, and how it would fit into the novel as a whole!

This includes discussion of “how much inspiration do you want to take from another author’s works?”, how to keep your thoughts organized when you finally get to a part of writing a story that you’ve been looking forward to for ages, gauging how ambitious you might want to be with breaking The Rules, who Oliver sees as the most influential sword & sorcery heroes after good old Conan, the difficulty in choosing perspective for this part of the novel or even nailing down Fritz Leiber’s approach to perspective, being both your instructor and your student, and more.

That publicly available, image-heavy Patreon post OIiver mentions
, that’s all about the notebook he outlines the novel in.

The first episode of So I’m Writing a Novel

Episode #7: where Oliver reads you the short story that grew into this novel & podcast.

Here’s that diagram Oliver mentions. Handy for worldbuilding and general inspiration!

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