Ep29 – Sacred Thievery

In three acts, Oliver shares the outlining of this second story in the sword & sorcery novel’s second quarter, an escalating farce built around the theft of a saintly relic from one church within the same religion as the other, who has hired Voe & Tiravam to perpetrate said theft. Ah, if only it were so straightforward as all that…

Oliver covers the joys of finding the piece of research which unlocks your story for you, interesting historical details of medieval relic theft, judging when the tone of an idea you love doesn’t just doesn’t fit with your work as a whole, balancing inspiration against directly imitating a story you love, courtroom drama, juggling lies & secrets, knowing when you’ve figured out enough for now, “horny is great for funny”, and more!

There’s also a listener question, asking Oliver for advice in researching markets for SciFi short stories. In his answer, Oliver mentions The Submission Grinder and Authors Publish. Finally there’s some end of 2021 news, thanks, and announcements!

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  1. Remco van Straten says:

    A quick thought here – the ritualistic stealing of relics is like the cattle raid of Cooley (CuChulainn)… Which isn’t just about stealing a bull, of course… And that harks back to the Cretan bull again, so it’s a Russian doll of tropes!


    1. And here’s another Russian doll/layer – my medievalist partner who put me onto this is Russian!


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