Ep32 – Interview with Jordan Smith of Dark Crusade

This episode will introduce you to fantasy & horror author Karl Edward Wagner, as well as his iconic sword & sorcery supervillain, Kane!

Oliver and Jordan discuss subjects like The Carcosa Papers, the magic of seeing author’s original notebooks (and fantasizing about others feeling that way seeing yours), getting deep into why Kane stands out from other well read S&S protagonists, Kane as villain, as manipulator; as being almost secondary to his own stories, erotic horror, how Wagner’s psychiatry education enhanced his writing, reading an author’s personal issues in their work and then connecting them to your own, and a whole lot more!

Oliver is also made to feel a non-zero amount of video game shame.

The Dark Crusade podcast (DC on Facebook, on Instagram)
The Spine of Night – A totally awesome, new rotoscoped sword & sorcery film featuring Lucy Lawless, Patton Oswalt, Richard E. Grant, annnnnd Jordan Smith!
Jordan Smith’s professional editing site

What was Oliver talking about with The Noid?

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