Ep40 – Founding a Literary Magazine, with Nat Webb

Returning champion Nat Webb joins us to discuss his recent founding of a literary magazine, Wyngraf!

Their discussion covers alternate titles for the magazine, defining cozy fantasy & backpack fantasy, conflict in stories and other things that can drive story, writing delicious food scenes, the cozy fantasy scene on Reddit and elsewhere, getting into short stories, his first submission and rejection and what he learned from it all, self-publishing a novel, discovering a love for the technical side of publishing, taking submissions in for the first time, putting one of your own stories in your own magazine, being transparent about the numbers behind your business, paying forward all the writing advice you’ve been given, working with an artist on a cover commission, choosing to pay authors and how much, deciding how often to release new issues, the importance of actually finishing a project, knowing when to stop with a project, Legends and Lattes and other reading recs, refreshing sincerity vs ironic distance, “coffee shop AU” explained, “numbies” explained, how sometimes the thing you bang out quickly resonates with people far more than the thing you slaved over forever, ins and outs of the Kindle Select program, the merits of publishing flash fiction, and more!

Wyngraf on Twitter
The cover artist for issue #1 of Wyngraf is Sâmara Lígia (her other Instagram).
The swashbuckling magazine Nat announced like five days after we recorded is called Rakehell.
Nat’s Author Site
Nat’s previous appearance on the show, where Oliver consulted him on a work-in-progress.
Some magazines Nat mentions that he likes: Tales from the Magician’s Skull, Whetstone Magazine, and Tales and Feathers.
That Harry Otto Fischer origin story for Grey Mouser can be found here on page 28.

Click the image to check out http://www.wyngraf.com

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