Ep 54 – Weird Fiction & Sword & Sorcery with Scott Dorward

Weird Fiction is a term from the days which birthed Sword & Sorcery, arguably a key ingredient in the genre, but what is it exactly?

To discuss this curious intersection of horror, science fiction, and S&S, Oliver sits down with Scott Dorward, an experienced horror TTRPG author, podcaster, and scholar of fiction both weird & Weird…

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias (Scott’s podcast he co-hosts)
Beyond Lovecraft (Oliver’s other interview with Scott, over on Unknown Worlds of the Merril Collection)
The Tale of Satampra Zeiros (The Clark Ashton Smith story whose name you’ll hear Oliver fail to recall…)
Under the Spell of Keith Taylor’s Bard Songs by Brian Murphy (Quoted in the interview)

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