New Listeners

Does the show reward you for starting at the first episode and listening through in order? Hell yes!

Do you have to start at the first episode and listen to everything in order?
Hell no!

You could start with…

Oliver reading to you, either the short story that birthed this project, or Ursula K Le Guin’s “Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction”, which has greatly informed it.

A more writing craft-focused episode, covering stuff like Brainstorming, Research, or Worldbuilding (a fantasy city). You can even hear him walk you through outlining an entire short story, like this one.

A popular interview, like Oliver talking with a publisher & academic about sword & sorcery, with an RPG designer and Fritz Leiber scholar, or even fellow podcasters like Ngo Vinh-Hoi of The Appendix N Book Club or Matt John of Rogues in the House.

Heck, you can even hear him joking around with an old pal, author Ryan North, discussing the business of writing with J.M. Frey, or quizzing his own mum about raising a writer.

You’d can also browse types of episodes. We’ve got:
These episodes all connect to Oliver creating his novel, “Untitled Sword & Sorcery Novel”. He’s…gonna come up with a title eventually!

Maybe you just want to hear Oliver talk with other people about what they’re doing? That’s cool.

Oliver really enjoys helping others polish their stories for publication. Mostly he does it in private for money(!), but sometimes a brave soul will let him read their work-in-progress then discuss his suggested edits publicly on the podcast!