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About So I’m Writing a Novel…
Launched in 2021, SIWAN is a literary podcast. It provides a highly transparent look into the process of creating a novel, from first ideas through to publication & promotion, by following host Oliver Brackenbury as he works on his latest book.

That book is a sword & sorcery short story cycle; a collection of stories telling the adventures of its main character, Voe, over several years of her life. As with these stories, each episode of the podcast is crafted so new listeners can start anywhere without feeling lost, yet those who like to listen through in order are rewarded for doing so. Oliver’s even made a page helping new listeners find the best place for them to start.

Listeners can send questions to or ask them over Twitter (@so_writing), and Oliver will answer them on the show!

When Oliver isn’t doing a solo craft episode, he has special guests on for interviews, and sometimes a brave individual will let him do a public story consultation on their current work-in-progress. Guests have included authors, publishers, editors, RPG designers, and yes, Oliver’s mum. She thinks he’s cool!

SIWAN currently releases new episodes twice a month, plus several updates a month for its Patreon-exclusive bonus podcast So I WROTE a Novel…, where Oliver reads chapters of his previous works, then provides behind-the-scenes commentary. Patrons also get to listen to new episodes of SIWAN a week early, among other benefits coming with financially supporting the show.

About Oliver
Oliver Brackenbury grew up around the corner from a five story deep cold war bunker, as one does, and can now be found living not far from a popular 1,815.4 ft tower in Toronto.

Among many other things, he’s written two novels. His first was traditionally published, then he tried self-publishing with the second. Now that he’s working on his third, he really wants to step up his game in terms of writing skill and readership; So I’m Writing a Novel… is an experiment in boosting both!

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Can be listened to here,, or at the start of the archives on Apple Podcasts and most anywhere else good podcasts are found.

Download the contents of this press kit in a zip file. Print resolution images available upon request.

Awards & Press
So I’m Writing a Novel… was nominated for the Aurora Awards in 2022 in the Best Podcast category.

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Oliver Brackenbury

Oliver Brackenbury

June 14, 2021 (Oliver’s Birthday)

So I’m Writing a Novel.. is released twice a month, sometimes more.
Its bonus podcast for Patreon patrons, So I Wrote a Novel, comes out weekly. Patrons also get to listen to new episodes of SIWAN a week early.

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